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Base Prices:

       Triple Loop--$350.00

      Double Loop--$350.00

       Single Loop--$350.00

        After trying 4 different hang angles, multiple filings, and considering all the feed back from various users, I finally settled on two particular hang angles for these saws. At lower tooth counts this saw functions best, ( my opinion ), as an aggressive deep cross cut saw. But may be used as a fine rip saw at 12ppi or so. If there was ever a saw that is individualized to it's owner, this is it. I offer these with two hang angles now, and in 3 styles of handles. The classic A series, ( single loop ), double loop B series, and my signature tripple loop.  The plate piercings are optional. But unless specified otherwise, these saws will come with piercings and filed cross cut at 9ppi with approx. 15* rake ,20* or 25* fleam and an 0.032" plate.

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Size Regular in Quarter cut sycamore
2XSmall Madrone Burl triple loop with Golden Mother of Pearl Saw Fasteners
Single loop half back in Sapele
Sculpted big leaf handle with Black Mother of Pearl saw fasteners
Cocobolo Triple Loop
Apple Half Back
Double Loop in dyed tiger maple
Triple loop in Black Walnut. 9ppi, 15*Rake, 25* fleam.
Triple Loop in Big leaf, BLO, Mother of Pearl fasteners
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