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Bontz Saw Works? OK. So who am I?, Where am I and where did I come from? What do I make and how? A short story. Or not. :)

      So. My name is Ron and you will never guess what my last name is. :)

I am a 50 something medic fire fighter, ( code for old, broke, and bald guy ), that makes saws when I am not at my day job. I have been a woodworker for 30 plus years makeing jigs, gizmos, and such as I needed them. Usually for some one else. So, how is it I am still broke? Well, the old and bald part is easy to figure out.

      I currently live about 30 miles from St. Louis, Mo. in a town called Edwardsville, IL. I don't spend my free time staring at a mindless television, or aimlessly surfing the internet on these brain numbing, neuron burning gizmos. They put me to sleep. OK, I fess up. I do surf a little.

           Simply put. I live almost in the middle of nowhere, ( tuff to do these days ), mind my own business, and work in my little shop. Oh yes. I make custom saws too. 

     My goal is really very simple. To make as high a quality saw as anyone, that fits your hand, and cuts second to none. Of course, I am not perfect and may make a mistake from time to time. But I will always make it right. End of story. So will I succeed? You will be the judge of that. :)


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