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So about these saws I make and the wood I use to make them. The no marketing hype and no B.S. facts.

Not so Short version:

Saw Plates:

     My saw plates are made from 1095 blued and tempered spring steel with a Rockwell Hardness rated 48-51RC. I either cut and shape them myself or have them water jet cut in some cases. I personally make sure the plates are straight, flat, clean the bluing off, punch and sharpen the teeth to your specifications. 


Saw fasteners:

      Precision milled 360 brass, squared under head, to prevent rotation. It takes me longer and cost more to mill those square sides and cut those square holes. But that's ok. It's worth it.  They are designed to accomodate handle thicknesses from 13/16" to approx. 1-1/32". I make them 7/16" , 1/2", 5/8" medallion, and 3/4" medallion. Make no mistake. There are none made better.


 Brass Backs:

       Also precision milled and hand shaped 360 brass. They are slotted to be dead straight, seated completely on to the saw plate, and compressed slightly for more of a friction fit that requires little glue. I personally shape each one myself, by hand. That's just the way I roll. :)



      I vary the size of my handles in height as well as thickness and depth. The curvature of the horns is also adjusted from time to time to accomodate for different thicknesses of hands and wrist.

     All of of my handles are shaped using a band saw, drill press, and scroll saw, initially. I know I could use hard templates and a CNC. But then they would all look just alike and I don't want to buy a CNC. After thirty years of woodworking, I do still have 9.9 fingers. ( Darn chop saw. )

   The handles are shaped with my chisels and wood rasp of various shapes and sizes. 


Wood Species Cost:

       I try to accomodate each and every customer with the wood species they desire. If I feel the wood is not suitable for a saw handle, I don't use it. My saws are made to be used.

     Some figured woods are very costly. This, unfortunately, requires me to charge an extra fee depending on the wood species used. This additional charge is $10.00 to $50.00 per handle generally. But it can be as high as $75.00 to $100.00 per handle. When I have to buy speciality woods such as Quilted Big Leaf, or some of the Burls, I will pro rate the cost according to how many handles I estimate I will get out of that particular piece of wood. This is, of course, providing I am able to obtain the wood in the first place. " Trickle down effect" :(

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