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Saw Scabbard:    ( Only 9 left )

      I  acquired a limited supply of saw scabbards. I have contacted a couple of fabricators to estimate the cost of making new and improved "Made in USA",  versions of these, but as of now I am not optimistic with regard to cost. The scabbards, I have left,  will carry three joinery saws up to roughly about 24" in length. Plenty for a dovetail saw, carcass saw, as well as a 14"  to 18" saw. Great for taking to woodworking classes and when a short term means of carrying those saws is necessary. All in one bundle. They, of course, have my logo stenciled on them. The handy scabbard comes with a conveinient  handle on the side as well as   mulitiple pockets inside for saw files, pencils, scrapers, etc.. $25.00 plus shipping

    If you wish to order any of my pre made items, Please use either the order form or contact me at Thank you.

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