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So what do you think of your saw?

For Feed Back Only. Yes. This is where those who have bought a saw from me let me have it. What do you think and how may I improve my saws? Thank you.


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  • Wally Brooks (Thursday, December 07 17 03:08 pm EST)

    The half-blind dovetail tool arrived today. The craftsmanship is stunning. Thanks for the bonus scribe.

  • Jason S (Monday, May 01 17 09:47 am EDT)

    I get the distinct impression that you out-do yourself with every saw you make. This thing is gorgeous and just based on the way it cuts it was a bargain. Thank you so much.

  • Jeroen (Sunday, January 17 16 03:24 am EST)

    Now I finally have back saws that fit my hand. I have big hands and almost all of the totes are to small for me. That was the main reason to order these saws. But man, do they cut awesome, are
    perfectly made and look brilliant.

    Couldn't wish for anything more. The best saws I have ever used.

  • Sue Johnson (Thursday, June 04 15 05:16 pm EDT)

    I totally love my half back saw, the quality and speed of cut is fantastic and the brass half back spine makes such a difference to the accuracy of cut - I love the nuances of this saw and how it
    responds to the user - amazing!! It can do a range of things like no other saw - thanks Ron.

  • Chris houde (Thursday, May 14 15 09:18 pm EDT)

    The halfback I ordered cuts perfect and looks even better. When you look at this saw you know it was built to perfection. Thanks again Ron. I will be coming back for another!

  • Christopher Hachet (Wednesday, February 11 15 11:09 am EST)

    Amazing quality saw, tracks straight, excellent feel and hang. Cannot wait to see my new Half Back show up....

  • Dave Rossetti (Monday, February 02 15 01:02 pm EST)

    Hi Ron,

    Here is just a reiteration of what I wrote in that email to you:

    Those saws are absolute works of art and I thank you for keeping the craft alive and for making my saws, I will take care of them and use them as much as I can. Speaking of which, I needed to
    crosscut a few 4/4 Maple planks before machining them down to planks, sticks, and puzzle parts, and it was a beautiful event. The saw almost fell through the wood; very nice.

    Of course that packing job was something to see -- amazing! And that's a very classy saw case, thank you also for the extra bonus :-).

  • Stephen Freed (Tuesday, December 16 14 01:32 pm EST)

    Thank you for the most spectacular saw, both in aesthetics and performance, I’ve ever laid eyes on.
    In the two weeks since the saw arrived I’ve been sawing, gazing, fondling and drooling, barely believing that such a functioning work of art exists at any price The 18” tenon saw is big, and it takes
    a bit of practice to get used to: with its heft, hang and sheer weight , but I'm learning mass and weight are my friends , and work to my advantage in those long tenons.

    It's really a wonderful saw. I'll keep watching the website so I can put in my next saw order whenever you open up to new orders. Perhaps a panel saw? Best wishes.

  • Tim Shaw (Saturday, June 14 14 03:25 pm EDT)

    Ron, just a note to tell you that the half-back is working like a charm, a whole new approach to sawing. Thanks again.


  • Lucas (Wednesday, April 16 14 06:10 pm EDT)

    I have only bought a saw kit from Mr. Bontz but the kit is truly an amazing offering. He does a lot to work with you so the kit build goes without a hitch. I did mess up and stripped on of the split
    nuts. Mr Bontz was very helpful and sent me a new set promptly along with helpfull instructions on drilling straight.

  • Travis Knapp (Thursday, April 03 14 06:52 am EDT)

    What can I say, you make the best looking saw on the market. The feel and finish of my new double loop half-back out shine my 42 other saws by far. The cut is aggressive and ideal for stock take-down
    at the saw bench.

  • Adam Welker (Monday, March 24 14 01:01 pm EDT)

    The small x-cut saw you made is a work of art. I have been looking for a fine thin plate saw about 9-10" long for a long time. You were the only maker to come through for me. It starts easily and
    leaves a finished surface. And damn sharp to boot! The sycamore handle is gorgeous. I will definitely be purchasing another saw soon. Thanks Ron!

  • Tim Shaw (Friday, February 28 14 10:38 am EST)

    Half-back arrived this morning and it looks fabulous. Everything I had hoped for. Another exceptional one.

  • Tim Shaw (Saturday, November 23 13 10:01 am EST)

    Ron: The 14" sash saw arrived the day before yesterday. Absolutely the best-looking saw I've ever seen. And of course, the packaging a work of art in itself. The saw, which is unexpectedly heavy
    (heavy is good), cuts like a dream - straight, true, quick, and with no tear-out. An exceptional piece of work.

  • Hilton (Wednesday, November 20 13 10:06 am EST)

    My Regan handled 16" Tenon Saw arrived today and boy was I excited or what!

    She is a picture of absolute beauty. The brass back reminds me of Greene & Greene cloud accents and my hand fits the handle like a glove. Super sharp and generous depth of cut of more than 4
    inches helps with long tenons.

    I will be adding another Bontz saw to my stable.

    Thank you Ron!

  • Josh Larivee (Wednesday, November 06 13 09:05 pm EST)

    My 18” tenon saw is a work of art. This saw is amazing in its beauty and craftsmanship. I can promise you the pictures do no justice for the quality of the saw Ron creates. The whole process is
    personalized to the exact fit and performance you require. I have never had such a customized experience with a saw being made for me and I have bought a bunch of them from everywhere. The walnut
    handle is perfectly shaped for my hand with Ron taking the extra effort to “dry fit” the handle with me prior to finishing the saw. As for performance, I took the saw immediately to some 12/4 Hard
    Maple and the saw cut through it so precise with little effort. The blade is fit precise and the cutting capability exact to my specification. This is simply an awesome saw. I immediately had to
    order a half-back. Thanks Ron for such a great product. Gladly provide folks pictures or reference on my experience.

  • Charles D. Mays (Tuesday, November 05 13 01:10 pm EST)

    The Dovetail Saw arrived!!! It is truly a work of art! Its beauty is surpassed only by the way it effortlessly saws straight and true. It is a magnificent heirloom piece which I hope will be passed
    down to my grandson.

    Doing business with you has been a wonderful experience.

  • Maurice Ungaro (Thursday, July 25 13 04:23 pm EDT)

    Let me just say how stellar my Roubo saw is. I also am very impressed with the care in which it was packed. In fact, I'm saving the custom insulation board shipping case as a method of storage until
    my tool cabinet is made. The sycamore tote looks even more impressive in person - the chattoyance is really nice! Now for the saw itself: that thing can slap zip through some wood! Love the thickness
    of the tote, as it fits my hand better than the original, and the heft of the saw is authoritative. It cuts straight indeed! Much straighter than I can normally cut, but I won't let that lull me into
    the false sense that I have any ability.
    In short, it's gorgeous, and I love it! Now, I might need some siblings for it.....

  • Patrick Endicott (Tuesday, June 18 13 08:52 am EDT)

    I have purchased three saws in the last few months and have been very impressed with the fit, finish, performance and they are very beautiful besides.
    Thank you for the Dovetail saw it is all I expected
    I came as well packaged as all of the others

  • Ross (Tuesday, May 21 13 07:00 pm EDT)

    My new backsaw arrived yesterday, increadibly well packaged. WOW! the workmanship is fabulous - a real work of art, and attention to detail first class. More importantly, the saw cuts quickly &
    beautifully in our tough Australian hardwoods, leaving crisp edges and a suface for joinery that can be used straight off the saw. I have a number of other "premium" saws and can say that this is a
    superior ofering. I will definitely be adding to my "Bontz" collection!

  • Kent (Saturday, April 27 13 07:24 pm EDT)

    I have more than a dozen contemporary saws from most of the saw makers. My new Bontz saw is razor sharp and cuts straight. What a great cross cut saw. It's the best cross cut saw in my shop.

  • Patrick Endicott (Friday, April 26 13 11:11 pm EDT)

    The sash saw I purchased is beautiful and every thing I expected.
    It was exceptionaly well packaged
    It is very well balanced
    I expect to get many years of service from this saw
    and will be purchasing another in the future

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