Round Carving Mallets

16-17 ounce and 18-20 ounce long handle carving mallets.

A one piece design carving mallet, These Mallets are turned from a solid Curly Hard Maple, resin infused blank for a solid chisel strike when needed.

     The handle portion of the mallets are designed to allow the user a firm grip, facilitating various task at hand. The shorter mallets with a weight of approx. 16 to 17 ounces work well for carving/ chiseling while maintaing a comfortable balance.  The longer mallets were designed to be used for both carving as well as joinery. In fact, while not recommended, I have ocassionally used mine to set my hold fast.

    These mallets are made in small batches so the supply is limited. "This ain't no production shop, folks". $100.00 each.

SALE. Long handle carving mallets are $50.00 each while supplies last.


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