Resin Infused Joinery and Carving Mallets

These joinery mallets have a reisn infused head for a dense solid strike and are available in weights from approx. 16 ounce heads to approx. 28 ounce. Your choice. Rather than depending on a wedge to hold the mallet head on, I chose to run a brass bolt all the way through the head and handle tenon. The handles are generally made from hickory, but the wood species may vary. It may be made from white oak, cherry, maple, tiger maple, bubinga, and so on. I make these a few at a time so these are  very limited. $100.00. ( Currently out of stock. More coming in January/ Feb. 2020 )

These mallets are a single piece, resin infused, curly hard maple and  range in weight from approx. 16  ounce to the heavier 19+ ounce. The longer handles facilitate use as joinery mallets allowing for a good "wack" when needed. These are made in very limited quantities. $100.00 each.   Sale: Long handle carving mallets $ 50.00 each. While supplies last.

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