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Joinery / Carving Mallets

Joinery mallets may be custom sized from approx. 16 ounce heads to 20 ounce heads.

Overal weight with handles range from 19 ounce to approx. 28 ounces.

Handles are preominately hickory, but may be maple, or another wood of choice.  $100.00 each.

Mallets $100.00

Made from resin infused Curly Hard maple or plain sawn Hard Maple, these mallets will get the job done.

      Unlike most mallets you find on the market with oversized heads to increase the weight or long ill fitted handles, these mallets have been designed to be compact, dense, and rugged, while adding an element of comfort and design.


     Carving/ Joinery mallets. Both two piece and single piece resin infused mallets for the wood carver in you.

     First there is the single piece, tinted and resin  infused plain sawn hard maple mallets. These may range in weight from approx. 16 ounce to approx. 20.5 ounces varied by the diameter of the mallet head. These are designed to have a multi position comfort grip as well with an over all length of approx. 10.5", allowing you to just tap a little at the head end or simply lower the hand for more forceful persuasion. The impact head has a 3" dia. top and is approx. 3.75" tall, depending on weight desired.

      The two piece mallets are generally resin infused in the head portion only. They have approx. 16 ounce heads. These mallet heads and handles are joined with a 3/4" x 3/4" tenon epoxied in. Then a steel rod is inserted through the length of the mallet and capped off on both ends with a cap nut and medallion in the head. These are guaranteed never to come apart. Note: the two piece versions are made one at a time, by me, to control size and weight of the mallet. The two piece versions also have a few different wood species available. Need to know more? Feel free to email me.

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