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      Occassionally some one will ask what they need to get started and what they will need to continue. A definitive answer is rarely so simple. It depends on what you plan to build. Are you going to be cutting big dovetails, no dovetails, little dovetails? Massive furniture, delicate furniture, 18th century master pieces? You get the idea. Specifics are always more a user preference. But I believe I can say with a reasonable assurance that a basic set of three saws will do about 90% of what you need to do. Hopefully. A dovetail saw, An open or closed Carcass saw filed cross cut, and a 14" or 16" Tenon saw filed rip. These are the joinery saws I would want if I could only have three. And really only two saws. The 14" sash filed rip and an open carcass saw with a combination filing. Some call it "Hybrid".  The sets of three come with a combined 10% discount as well as a free saw scabbard for those trips to the woodworking classes. Total Separate cost minus 10%.

Curly Ambrosia Maple
Customer photo: Walnut set
Resin Infused Maple Burl
Tiger maple, big leaf set
Apple Wood
Pink Ivory

10" dovetail at 16ppi, 10* rake and 5* fleam

12" x 2.5" Open carcass, 14ppi, 15* rake, 25* fleam

12" x 3" Closed Carcass, 12ppi, 13* rake, 10* fleam

Just a set in Madrone Burl.

Big Leaf Set. Dovetail, Carcass, and Tenon
Black Walnut Set
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