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Your Options and Cost:

These are examples of the styles I offer. A, B, and C.

Sorry. No fancy names to invoke dillusions of glorious machismo . :) 

Classic series: 38* dovetail with lambs tongue ( closed tote )

A series with lambs tongue

B series 38* dovetail with out lambs tongue ( open tote )

B series with out lambs tongue

C series crcass with lambs tongue ( Closed tote )

Older C series carcass


Saw Plate Shapes:

       Standard Shaped Plates:

        Nearly all my shaped plate blanks are currently water jet cut, ( trial basis), for accuracy and standardized to fit my saw handles. I still, of course, finish shaping, cleaning, toothing, and boring all my saw plates myself to assure a custom fit as well as custom shaping for those one off saws.

        Saw Tooth Pitch ( PPI ) : I currently offer up to a 20ppi tooth count. 16, 17, 18, 19, and  20ppi for those delicate trim saws.

         Saw Plate Logos--+$0.00 to Varies.

         As Time and cost permit I am having my logo laser engraved on my thicker saw plates. I am required to do so in batches of at least 25 at a time. So you will not always have my logo on your saw plate unless specifically requested. My thinner saw plates will often have a chemical etch on them. For custom engravings on presentation saws, the cost will vary but will include all artwork cost, set up fees, etc..

      Saw Spines:

      Standard-  Block Sanded, by hand, to a 320 grit for a consistent Satin finish with only my logo on them.

      Polished-  Polished High gloss.

     My most popular finish. These are block sanded, by hand, to a 600 grit and sometimes 1200 grit. Then buffed with fine buffing compound for a mirror finish. **These will show your finger prints.**

       Hand Engraved: I charge only what the engraver charges me since I do not do it myself. It is generally in the range of $100.00 to $150.00 per saw.

       Sculpted ( Currently not offered )--$100.00 per saw. Whether just adding a touch of class or needing a presentation saw, these saws go that extra mile. Reminiscent of a time when a craftsman's work was more than just a basic tool. It was truly a statement about the craftsman. These sculpted spines are hand shaped, sanded and polished by me with only my logo in them.  Hand engraving is an additional charge. See above.

       All my saw spines are rounded for a smooth flowing look into the saw handle, accentuating the flowing style of my saws. They can be chamfered as well. The heel of the spine may be left square on the bottom at times to simplify and accentuate the transition into the handle.



  Saw Fasteners:  

         Standard- Brass with a laser engraved logo on the medallion.


         Mother of Pearl Inlay- $30.00 additional per saw. The M.O.P. dots I use are custom cut to my specfications in diameter and thickness. I personally glue these in place with a 2 part epoxy. Placed back on the lathe, then trim, sanded and polished. They are then taken to a laser engraver for deep engraving and  accentuated with a special paint. The pictures never do them justice. I currently have the following available:

Golden, White, or Black


Wood Species I currently have on hand:

          Plain Slice Cherry--N/C

          Tiger Maple--N/C


          Plain Slice Maple--N/C

          American Walnut--N/C

          Curly cherry--+$10.00 per saw

          1/4 Sawn Cherry--$10.00 per saw

          1/4 Sawn Walnut--$10.00 per saw

          Quilted Big Leaf Maple:--+$45.00 per saw

          Pink Ivory--+$50.00 per saw--currently out of stock

          Madrone Burl--+$50.00 per saw

          Cocobolo--+$45.00 per saw

          African Paduck--+$30.00 per saw

          Oregon Black Walnut/ Claro--+$25.00 per saw ( low )

          Sapele--+15.00 per saw

          Pomele Sapele--+$45.00 per saw ( if I can get it )

          Zebra Wood--+$20.00 per saw

           Apple--Limited Supply--+$25.00 per saw

           1/4 sawn Beech--$10.00

           1/4 sawn Beech, Spalted--$10.00

           1/4 sawn Hickory--N/C ( contains both heart and sap wood

           1/4 sawn Sycamore--$10.00 per saw

           Honduran Mahogany--$30.00 per saw

           Select Premium Mahogany----$50.00 per saw

         The wood species will vary in cost. But as a general rule, when I buy a particular species of wood I am often required to buy a minimal amount from the vendor. Set by the vendor, by the way. I then estimate the number of handles I may get from that wood and pro rate the cost per handle. Got a specific wood you want? Just ask.



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