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Scribes / Scratch Awls ( CLERARANCE )

Finished scratch awls ( CLRARANCE ) PRICE $25.00

Kit parts: $25.00

      Available in some of the  finest hardwoods, domestic, figured, and exotic.  Lengths are approx. 5.5" long from the front of the ferrule to the back of the pommell.

      These durable scribes boast a tough M42 Cobalt steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 66-68.

So why M42 instead of Carbide or A2 steel ?

      To begin with, this M42 steel scribe, as mentioned, has a Rockwell Hardness of 66 to 68. Harder than spring steel at an RC of 52. It's tougher than our standard M2 steel, and, in fact, harder than many of the common metals we work with. Some may choose to use carbide and that's ok. My square bird cage awl is carbide, but carbide tends to be brittle. Lets face it. At some point it will hit the floor and chip the point. I work with carbide tooling almost every day. So go ahead and ask me how I know that. :) M42, on the other hand, can take a ding and be resharpened easily by you. No diamond hones or special equipment needed. A good old fashioned grinder and/ or sand paper will do the trick, no different than your lathe tools. Keep the metal cool and your're good to go. I often use mine to mark every thing from wood to mild steel and brass. A sound choice for those who actually use their tools, but still desire a tool pleasing to the eye.


 For those looking to make your own Bird cage awl or marking knife, check out

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