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     I strongly reccomend anyone that uses a saw often to learn to sharpen them as well. It will serve to help you understand the ins and outs of sawing, provide you with more options in your saw geometry, and save you some dollars as well.

      For those who would rather not, I offer sharpening and other services as time permits. I have also incorporated links to some most excellent saw sharpeners below. I am sure there are others out there. But these are just two I know for certain whose results are unsurpassed.

Please Note: Due to that on going back log, I am currently not accepting any refurbishing work other than sharpening. Thank you.

My cost:


Dovetail Saws: 14-16ppi---$30.00


Other Joinery saws---Sharpening---$35.00

      This includes jointing, setting, and sharpening

      If the teeth need to be repunched, reshaped then sharpened--$50.00

Hand Saws--$50.00 Base Cost. ( Dependent on condition of saw. )

Note: If you bought your saw from me, the first sharpening is on me.

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