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Always spinning the Hamster wheel. :)

Yes. After playing around with turnings that have been infused, I finally started infusing Maple burls and other figured Maple with Acrylic Resin. The saw you see below was infused with a clear resin to bring out the natural colors of the burl. Look for more of these in the coming months.

1 ) Available. I am now offering a Kerf tool. These will be particularly useful on those half blind dovetails.

   Available with a 0.025", 0.020" and 0.015" plate, in maple, walnut, cherry, or hickory. More to come.

2 ) High quality Gent Saws with in various hard woods  16ppi up to 20ppi with 0.015" or 0.020" plates.  Now available!


3 ) I am also currently offering solid carbide burnishers for those scrapers.


4)  I will be offering mallets soon in 16 oz., 24 oz, 28 oz, and 32 oz versions. This includes a single piece resin infused Hard maple carving mallet. Carving mallets now available.


5)  I am currently offering scratch awls in a variety of dometstic and exotic wood choices. Now available


6) Kit parts are now available for both the scribes and carbide burnishers.


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