"Form follows function" 

But who says form can not dance in it's foot steps?

If it feels right and cuts well, it is a good saw. If it feels right, cuts well, and looks good doing it, It's a Bontz Saw. :)

Welcome to Bontz Saw Works.

      First things first. I would like to thank every one that has desired and orderd one of my saws. It is very flattering as well as humbling. It pleases me greatly, my saw designs have been met with such acceptance. Thank you. Ron

     If you are looking for a saw just exactly like your neighbors, you are out of luck. Sorry . There are no nifty CNC machines, or magic duplicating machines in my little shop. I don't make production saws. ( Yet ) Just me in my overcrowded little shop. I won't tell you my saws are the latest or the greatest. I will just let the saws speak for themselves.  Each and every saw spine, plate and handle is shaped by me.  And yes, every tooth on the saw is sharpened by me for you by hand.  So nobody to blame for imperfections except me  and no two saws will be exactly alike. Any size, any style. Every saw is your saw.

        Now about those shaped saw plates:

 My saw plates tend to be a little longer than the stated size due to the shaping. But if you prefer a rectangular saw plate, for that "traditional" look, I can do that too. No extra charge. Just let me know.

      If you are interested in one of my saws, feel free to view some of the recent saws I have made for myself and others. You can also see some of my saws directly below as well. Just click on the small picture.Then click on the center of the bigger picture and it will open in a new window for better viewing. I will post more as I have time.  I don't have a fancy photo booth either, by the way. So for now my back yard will have to do. :)


       I do not take down payments on saws that are not built. That's silly. You pay when the saw is made. End of story. You are free to cancle at anytime. I will send you an invoice for the saw when it is finished. You may pay with pay pal via the invoice or you may send a check or money order. But the saw doesn't ship until the check clears. :) Prices are subject to change. But if I quote you a price it stays that price. 

     Your templates: If you have a template for a saw you want made, it never hurts to ask. Contact me to see what we can do. Just  send me an E-mail with what you desire and contact information. Thank you. Ron


Lead Time:

I have currently suspended taking orders until I am able to get my lead times down to about 3 or 4 months. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

My current lead time is 7 to 8 months.

PayPal Cash on delivery Checks, ( Limited )
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