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      Please feel free to contact me with any questions, BUT I am currently not taking any saw orders. Thank you.




    A bit about my saws:

     To begin with, all of my saws are a bit thicker at 15/16th to a full 1" to give a more comfortable and rounded grip. The thicker wood is more costly to me but worth it. All of my saws are available in 3 different styles as well. A classic series, a single loop, and a double loop. For an example of these handles see the 16" tenon saws. 

      Vintage dovetail saws were made in a multitude of hang angles. For this reason I make my dovetail saws in three different hang angles. A 32* least aggressive hang, handy for use with a Moxon vise, a 38* mid range hang, good all around hang angle, and lastely a 45* hang for those who require a more aggressive hang angle or cutting a lot of half blind dovetails.

      Each size of saw has a different hang angle that best suites that particular size saw.  Each saw is hand rasped and shaped one at a time. The solid precision slotted brass backs are compression fit and tapped on to the plate to a uniform depth. A brass set screw is often placed in the toe of the plate/ spine to prevent any movement folded backs are prone to. No glue is needed. Each saw plate may be shaped or square, your choice, with every saw tooth hand filed by me personally and tested to make sure it cuts a straight line out of the box. The 0.020" plate dovetail saw teeth have a total set of approx. 0.006" to give a kerf of approx. 0.026 to 0.027. A 0.015" plate saw has a total kerf of approx. 0.021". If you desire a square plate or a plate with a different ppi, I will punch and sharpen to your preference. If any of my saws do not meet with your complete satisfaction, you simply need to return them for a full refund. Thank you for your consideration.


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