10" or 12" Dovetail Saws

     I offer 7 different size of handles, open or closed, as well as 3 different hang angles, ( 45*, 38*, or 32* ), for my dove tail saws. 10" or 12" your choice. Available with a 0.020" plate for plenty of rigidity and control and from 14ppi for a faster cut to 20 ppi for the finest cuts in those thin woods.  As always, each saw handle is shaped by hand and rasp. Each tooth is sharpened by my hands. So no one to blame for those imperfections except me. Below are just a few examples of saws I have made over the last few years. My dovetail saws range in price starting from $300.00 for the basic dovetail saw in domestic wood species to the more high end saws made from Acrylic resin infused maple burls and exotic wood species.



This is what I call the "Classic Series". Note the simple curve of the cheek. 38* hang. No frills no thrills saw.  Shown with a closed tote/ lambs tongue in  Mahogany. Available in open handle also. Open tote-$300.00 base price. Closed tote/ lambs tongue-$325.00 base price.

An example of a 38* hang,12" double loop with closed tote and shaped plate. Note the double loop on the tote cheek. Base price for this stye of saw starts at $300.00.The resin infused maple burl pictured is an example of a higher end saw starting at $400.00. Resin infused burls are expensive to make.

Curly Walnut, 32* hang. Ryan C.

An example of a 10", double loop open tote, with a 45* hang.Shown in Cocobolo. Base price starts at $300.00 for domestic wood species. Available in a 10" or 12" version.

An example of a 32* hang dovetail saw.

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