Just a couple of saws I've recently made

Saw for Don S.. My version of the Regan tenon saw in quarter cut cherry. Not meant to be a reproduction. Note the lambs tongue.

Close up of handle. Size large

16.75" tooth line x 4.25" under spine x 0.025" plate

A pair of walnut tenon saws for Wade D.  16" x 4.5" & a 20" x 5" tenon. Filed 11ppi and 9ppi respectfully. 16" = 0.025" plate and the 20" saw has a 0.032" plate.

Another view

Resin infused Maple Burl Half back for Mike C. Plain Jane designed by customer.

Handle close up. Size Regular

My Signature Triple loop Half Back ( Pat K. )

Reisn infused Maple Burl with golden Mother of Pearl saw nut inlays.

10" x 0.020" quarter cut sycamore. 15ppi x 6* rake. 45* hang

12" x 0.020" mahogany fine cut dovetail  18ppi x 6* rake. ( Don S. )

Select special mahogany stored for over 50 years.

12" x 0.020" tiger maple treated with BLO. Fine cut dovetail. 17ppi x 6* rake x 32* hang

32* hang

The twins. 12 x 0.020" x 16ppi x 6* rake. 32 and 38* hang. Note the difference in lamb's tongues.

12" x 0.020" Madrone. 15ppi x 6* rake with a 38* hang. (Bruno V.)

38* hang

Macassar Ebony set: Triple loop half back filed 10ppi x 15* rake and 25* fleam, 12" dovetail filed 16ppi x 6* rake.

Mahogany Dovetail. Closed Classic series. 12" x 0.020" x 16ppi x 8* rake

18" single loop half back in Claro walnut. 10ppi x 15* rake x 25* fleam

14" sash saw in Madrone. 0.025" x 11ppi x 8* rake x 0* fleam

10" gent saw in tinted resin infused quilted maple. 20ppi rip

10" gent saw in figured satin wood. 19 ppi rip

10" Gent saw in infused curly maple. 20 ppi rip x 10* rake

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